Our approach is based on customized solutions, flexibility and adaptability.

We believe in a rigorous and creative methodology, supported by design thinking workshops, which enable us to fully understand your objectives and imagine creative solutions to achieve them. Imagine a one-stop shop where all your needs converge harmoniously. With our four specialized departments and multi-talented team, we're there, every step of the way, guiding you strategically towards your goals.

Project Management

Event conception and design


Logistics management

Supplier research and management

Registration management

Budget and schedule management


Stage design

Implementation of innovative technological solutions

Sound, lighting, video, A.I. simultaneous interpretation

Technical support for presentations

Adapted hybrid, virtual and in-person technology

Live video capture

Management of broadcasts and recordings

Installation and dismantling of technology systems

2D floor plan creation

Studio filming (events, conventions, testimonials, continuing education, AGMs)

Show caller

Stage management and speaker support


Creation of event content: graphics and video

Visual signature design

Graphic and motion design

Video recording, interviews and B-roll

Video editing and creation (summaries, interviews, teasers, etc.)

3D room rendering


Sponsorship plan & prospectus creation

Communication plan

Participant communications

Website updates

Application data entry

Newsletter writing

Satisfaction surveys

Studio SB55

TV-quality virtual event

Broadcasting capabilities on all platforms

Video clips shooting

Ongoing training

Annual general meetings

Content creation


At Altitude/C, we don't just handle logistics; we aim to develop intelligent event solutions that meet specific goals and last over time. Join us and let's create memorable moments and opportunities that propel your organization to new heights together.

Multimedia specialist Marianne capturing the best moments of the Roche 2024 gala!
Behind the scenes of Idéa 2022!
Final preparations by the technical team before the opening of the Montréal 2024 Climate Summit!
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